Why Ava?

Ava is built on experience and expertise. Global experience in the secure international logistics industry. And local expertise in applying agility, transparency and honesty to working processes.

We’re multinational - and multilingual. A wholly owned division of MaxSec, an ASX listed security technology company, our focus is on technology. This gives us agility in the marketplace. And because we’re agile, we’re highly responsive. We give you more control and greater visibility of your shipments, saving you time and making your life easier.

Insured by Lloyd's of London, Ava is covered to meet all your secure international logistics needs. So you can trust that your shipment, your business and your reputation are safe with us.

About Ava
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Information at your fingertips

At Ava we pride ourselves on offering you an incomparable level of service. A service that focuses on keeping you informed and issuing you with regular communications on a proactive basis. To do this we’ve developed an online portal to trigger automatic email alerts and status updates. So you’ll always know what’s happening and when, without having to make endless phone calls to chase your shipment.

Added transparency

We believe in streamlined, open and transparent operations, so our pricing is as clear and precise as possible. We’ll discuss the specifics and variables of your shipment with you - and make sure that you know what you’ll be billed for and when. So there will be no surprises when it comes to opening your invoice.

Higher Standards

We want to raise operating standards on a local and a global level. We believe this will give you a better and more sophisticated service. To do this we’re investing time and money in those service providers who form our strategic partner network to build the standard of their offering.

Independent choice

Our operating model is completely independent and does not rely upon the use of internal service providers. Instead, we establish long-term relationships with reliable, experienced and independent providers in locations around the world. This allows us to choose the best providers to deliver your shipment. And because we don’t have to maintain a fleet of vehicles or aircraft, we’ll always choose the best provider for your needs. Meaning we can remain agile and responsive to your demands.

Your risk - managed

With a dedicated Risk Director and team of expert consultants, your shipment is in the safest hands. We pay close attention to detail and take all exposure to risk seriously. That’s why we select our service providers on the basis of their operational capability, for your assurance and peace of mind.

The team at Ava has both industry and client sector experience, combined with a deep desire for positive change. We understand what you need, because we have first hand experience of the frustrations you face. AVA emerged from the need to end those frustrations and reinvigorate the industry.

Chris Fergus, CEO, 2016

The safe arrival of a consignment can make - or break - a relationship with a customer, just as it can make or break a career. That’s why at Ava, we’ve focused on technology and the communication it enables us to have with our customers - we provide consignment data at your fingertips.

Neil Evans, Regional Managing Director - Asia

Introducing Ava’s innovative operating model to the sector presents both service providers and customers with a wealth of opportunities. It’s a radical shift that will have a dramatic effect on customer experience.

Dane McSpedon, Commercial Director and Regional Managing Director - Americas

Expert support

Ava’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Fergus, has over 20 years’ experience in the secure international logistics industry. In combination, the Ava team has over 150 years’ of secure international logistics, client sector and global business experience. People who have worked within the mining, currency and banking industries. People who bring an invaluable client-side understanding of the markets to the company.

Open and honest

We know how frustrating it is when a problem is deemed to be someone else’s fault. So we want to be accountable for our operations, wherever they are in the world. That means that in the event of a delay or a problem, we won’t apportion blame. Instead we’ll work to resolve the issue, keeping you informed at all times.

Visibility and availability

We believe that business is built upon relationships. So we’ll be visible in the marketplace, which means you’ll see us and hear from us. Want to know more? Email us on [email protected] and request a meeting. We’d be delighted to talk to you. Choose Ava and choose to work alongside a long-term strategic partner, not simply a service provider. This is straightforward account management that’s easy to navigate and a pleasure to use, anywhere in the world.

Real change

Ava offers you a real change. We know we’re a game-changing option in secure international logistics. And because we’ve built the company on the back of our years of experience, we believe in what we’re doing and the reasons why we’re doing it.

Trusted and secure

Established in 2016, Ava is proud to be insured by Lloyd's of London. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Ava is a wholly owned division of MaxSec Group Limited (ASX:MSP).

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